Drone Headlights in a Car!

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2 min readJun 14, 2021


I am sure that you all have heard about drones and their usefulness in the aerial sector for photography, delivery of parcels, monitoring of animals by the forest department, etc. We all love drones because of their useful nature and also we feel it like a toy.

I would like to draw your attention now towards an amazing quality drone identified by car manufacturer Audi. Audi has used drones in their upcoming concept car Audi AI Trail. They have used drones as Headlights. Can you believe it! There are a total of 5 drone headlights in this car. The purpose of this car is to drive on smooth roads and off-roading and in forest areas.

It is better than the conventional car in many ways and is highly efficient for lighting purposes at night. The drone headlights act as spotlights on the way where there is no street light and will be ahead of the car in a certain pattern showing the path like street lights. As in conventional cars we have headlights mounted in the car and the light goes up to a certain distance and we many a time are not able to see the road clearly. Whereas here’s that’s not the case. Here you get a full wide range of lighting guiding you towards your way.

The best feature of these headlights is that you can park your car at a particular place and roam in the forest if you want to go foresting. These drones will follow you all the way and will provide lighting wherever you go. This way you can have lights even in forests! Isn’t this awesome?

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Written by: Tanmay Shah (Instagram: @tanmay_012)

Vociferous Writers (Instagram: @vociferouswriters)