Why SUV segment is becoming popular

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3 min readJun 17, 2021


I think you also have observed that currently, the SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) are gaining so much popularity. You might be amazed by the data of the year 2019, at that time overall automobile market was growing by 5.1% but the SUVs market was surged by 12% and from the year 2019 overall SUVs market is growing constantly. There are some reasons why people prefer SUVs/mini SUVs than the sedan and hatchback, so let’s understand every reason in brief.

1. Affordability

The mini SUV segments are having a price range just above the premium hatchback also provide more power than the hatchback cars. It was started by the TATA Safari which was launched two decades back and at the base price of 8.25 lakh. At that time this car was out of the reach for most car buyers but this scenario is changed. For example, people are more preferring Suzuki Brezza over Suzuki Baleno although it is one lakh costlier.

2. Design

The length of the SUV or Mini SUV is larger than the hatchback cars and lower than the sedan cars which is quite comfortable for the drivers or the new drivers. Also, the dynamics of the SUV are made well sorted so it can give the bold styling, rugged nature without compromising the handling powers and high-speed ability. The design of the SUV is made like a muscular car so the car buyer got more attracted towards the aesthetic look.

3. Aspirational

A few years back the SUVs due to their higher price range made too costly for most of the buyers so that it was generally driven by the actors, industrialists, politicians and thereby it lead to the perception that this segment of the car is the choice of elite and upper class due to this reason and the affordable SUVs’ option leads to the unbelievable growth of the SUV segment.

4. Ground Clearance

Even the mini SUV comes with a high ground clearance which can be helpful to drive the car in even off-roading conditions, in the pothole-ridden roads, or where the roads are not in good conditions. The high ground clearance is also helpful in driving when the water is logged on the roads. Due to the high ground clearance and muscular (tough) look, the users got the psychological impact of feeling safer than the hatchback or the sedan cars

5. Seating Capacity and extra space

Most of the mini SUVs are coming with the 5-seaters which can be the same as the hatchback or sedan but the SUVs like Honda BR-V, Mitsubishi Pajero come with 7-seaters which can be a choice for larger families. Despite being a mini SUV or an SUV it comes with a very great amount of language carrying capacity. It also can be increased by the user.

Written by: Ruchit Shah(Instagram: @rjshah_02)

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