Will you like to use the light glowing without consuming electricity and using natural sunlight?

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In current situations due to the increase in global warming and reduction in the availability of non-renewable sources, the world is shifting towards renewable energy sources. Solar energy is the most popular and convenient mode of renewable energy source concerning current technology. Solar tube lights are the most compatible device in the field of domestic enlightenment using electrical energy.

Solar tubes

Solar tubes are also known as sun tunnels invented around the 1980s by the Australian company Solatube to use the natural sunlight in offices and houses replacing the skylight systems. Solar tubes consist of a metallic inner cylindrical body that captures the solar light from your rooftop, reflects the solar light and channelled over the tube’s length and diffuse the natural sunlight throughout the required space. The metal material has a high refractive index same as a mirror for use of energy in solar tubes. Velux a Denmark originated company are common manufacturer of the solar tube with the name solar tunnel.

transfer of sunlight to lamp gif~1
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Other than technological but Solar tubes have benefits on physical health compared to that from electric lighting. Because of the closed space working atmosphere, current youth are facing problems of severe deficiency of Vitamin-D and Vitamin-B12 and sunlight is the major source for it. By working under such conditions physical health gets improve without any drugs consumption and that also free of cost.

With current inventions, the Solar tubes can produce or store the excess available energy using photovoltaic technologies and use during its unavailability, especially after sunsets or cloudy weather. Although Solar tubes are less effective than electric lighting, rather they are effective in replacing the natural skylight economically as well as performance-based.

Solar Lamps during Daytime as well as Night

Advantages and disadvantages of solar tubes that are replacing skylight:

  1. Solar tubes have comparatively very less cost
  2. Solar tubes are energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  3. Installation is very easy with rare low-cost maintenance
  4. Solar tubes can not be used for ventilation whereas skylight can be used for ventilation with natural sunlight.
  5. The skylight adds value factor of space with an open view of the sky which is not possible for solar tubes.
  6. At higher temperature conditions solar tubes are susceptible to damage.

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